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There are nearly 50 hotels to choose from within easy driving distance of Port Canaveral. Some cruisers even prefer to stay in Orlando before/after their cruise! This means plenty of choices for Port Canaveral hotels!

Here is a video showing the locations of the popular cruise hotels in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach as well as drives times to the Port.

Port Canaveral Hotel Map

Please look at our Area Map for Port Canaveral hotel locations and nearby attractions such as restaurants, bars, rental cars, public transport route, etc.

Popular Port Canaveral Hotel Areas

Recommending the perfect hotel for every cruiser is no easy task. First, we have to group the hotels by location for easier reference. We group the hotels as follows:

  • Disney-owned Hotels
  • Orlando Resort Hotels (Universal, Seaworld, etc.)
  • Orlando Airport Hotels
  • Titusville / Cocoa Hotels
  • Melbourne Hotels
  • Cocoa Beach Hotels
  • Cape Canaveral Hotels (closest to Port Canaveral)

For a list of hotels representing each popular Hotel Group, please read Most Popular Cruise Hotels near Port Canaveral.

The Disney-owned Hotels

What fun to combine a Disneyworld stay with a Disney Cruise!

Cluster - Disney Resort Hotels
Cluster – Disney Resort Hotels (CLICK TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE)

If you booked a Disney Land/Sea package then the following transfers are included ($70 per person):

Orlando Airport – Disney-owned Hotel – Port Canaveral – Orlando Airport

Note – Disney’s Magical Express is a free bus service between Orlando Airport and the Disney-owned Resorts. So if you booked another cruise line after your Disneyworld stay, you can take the free Disney Magical Express back to Orlando Airport and then check-in at your cruise desk (Carnival, etc.) for their port bus, or you can take a shuttle (private or shared) or rental car from the airport.

Disney Magical Express
Disney Magical Express

WDW Resorts – Cruise Port Canaveral Transfers – The skinny

The process works like this:

  • About 75 days out, go online to tell Disney Cruise Lines which Resort you will be staying and the transfer needed.
  • About 60 days out you will receive a blue booklet from Disney with your luggage tags. Take a good look at those and do not confuse the different tags! There will be tags for Magical Express to the Resorts from Orlando Airport. And there will be tags for Disney Cruise Lines from the Resort to the Ship.
  • When you arrive at Orlando Airport, your luggage is handled by the Magical Express bus system using the first set of tags. The Magical Express bus takes you to your resort.
  • The night before your cruise, you will receive a letter in the room (around 7pm) telling you when to have your luggage ready (usually a porter picks it around 8am from your room) and the time/place of your DCL bus pickup (usually the lobby between 11am and 11:30am) where staff will be on hand to assist you.  TIP – Make sure you use the correct DCL tags and you’ve kept everything you NEED out of those bags, and keep your carry-on bags well away from the checked bags if you are not in the room at pickup time. Swimsuits, medications, passports, sunscreen…the things you need for that first day, should all be in your carry-on.
  • When the bus arrives your ID will be checked. After you boarded the bus, expect 2 or 3 more stops at nearby resorts then a 1.5 hour drive to Port Canaveral. You can expect to arrive between 12:30pm and 1:30pm. Your luggage will appear in your cabin later the afternoon (around 4pm)
  • On the ship you will get new tags in your cabin the night before disembarking. Then porters meet you at the bottom of the escalators and assist you (they have carts) through customs and to the DCL bus.
Disney Cruise Lines Bus
Disney Cruise Lines Bus

There are drawbacks:

  • Disney Cruise Line transfers get expensive for a larger family ($35 a person), the bus transfers take longer because of several stops and your luggage may arrive hours later!
  • It is inconvenient to pack your luggage before 8am and to wait around until after 11am for the transfer.
  • Convenience travel slow and you will not be one of the first passengers to board your ship! If you like to maximize your ship stay then do not use DCL transfers.

If you want to save money, avoid the bus crowds and arrive earlier at the Port, you can pass on the Disney packages and opt for private transfers or a rental car.

Orlando Airport Hotels

Orlando Airport is just an hour away from Port Canaveral and a good option for late arrivals.

The hotels to the North West of the airport (McCoy Road) are in a commercial area and (while cheaper) do not offer much in terms of restaurants and shops.

Most folks head to the hotels to the north (Semoran Blvd) where there are more restaurants and a nearby shopping center.


Orlando Airport Hotels and Restaurants

Orlando Airport Hotels and Restaurants (click to enlarge)You will not smell the ocean when you wake up or watch the cruise ships come and go or feel the soft sand of Cocoa Beach between your toes – but you can experience the commercial wonderland that is Orlando!

To buy wine, soda, etc. you can visit the Minimart near Sonny’s or Uber to Public grocery store some distance away.

Airport Plaza and Minimart
Airport Plaza and Minimart
Airport Plaza Wine
Airport Plaza Wine

Many cruisers head to Disney Springs for an evening of dining, shopping and entertainment – not a cheap outing but more affordable than the amusement parks!

To get to Port Canaveral you have 3 options other than rental cars, taxis, Uber, etc:

  1. Many transportation companies will pick you at the airport hotels for your port transfer. Cortrans has a good reputation for affordable shared transfers from airport hotels. There are also shared shuttles from theme park hotels – please read our transportation section for more information.
  2. Several of the hotels offer packages with your room. Just select an hotel and ask! For example, sometimes the Hampton Inn offers a Bon Voyage Package that costs about $17 per person to the Port and back – $34 total per person!
  3. If you prefer to book cruise line transportation then it makes perfect sense to stay in Orlando near the airport. You can use free hotel airport shuttle vans back to the airport to connect with the cruise line buses, rental cars or shuttles/limo services to Port Canaveral.

One hotel stands out – The Hyatt Regency at Orlando Airport on level 4, above the security entrance to gates 60-129.

TIP – For a small fee they will collect your luggage and deliver to your room! But here is the really cool thing for Disney Cruisers – at check-in, remind them you are on a Disney Cruise so you can be added to their transfer list. They will hand you a Disney luggage form. When it is time to depart, leave your luggage in the room and take the Disney form to the Welcome Center at Terminal B from where you will be escorted to your Disney bus. Your luggage will show up in your cabin a bit later in the day!


Titusville/Cocoa Hotels

These are “highway” chain hotels along the very busy Interstate 95 and U.S. Route 1, between 10 and 25 miles from Port Canaveral.

Titusville Cruise Hotels
Titusville Cruise Hotels (Click to enlarge)

There’s nothing special about any of these hotels nor the locations despite being touted as Port Canaveral hotels, so I cannot recommend them for cruisers unless you get rates lower than similar hotels closer to the port and near the beaches. The Bistro Bar at the Holiday Inn Titusville (opens 5pm) is a popular local hangout.

Durango’s Steakhouse is very good!


Melbourne Hotels

There are many hotels in this area about 25 miles south from the Port – which is really too far away in my opinion to qualify as Port Canaveral hotels. Therefore those are the scope of this page.

Cluster Melbourne Partner Hotels
Cluster Melbourne Hotels (CLICK TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE)


Cocoa Beach Hotels

As a very popular holiday destination, Cocoa Beach is an excellent choice for cruisers looking for a combination of beach/bars/shopping/restaurants. The hotels are only between 4 and 7 miles from the cruise terminals and a taxi will cost about $20 each way plus tip. If you are looking for Port Canaveral hotels then do not ignore Cocoa Beach!

Alphabetical List of Cocoa Beach Hotels – click on each for descriptions, photos, videos, reviews and more!

The Cocoa Beach hotels are clustered in 3 areas.

Clusters - Cocoa Beach Hotels
Clusters – Cocoa Beach Hotels (CLICK TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE)

The Cocoa Beach Pier cluster – 4 hotels within walking distance of the famous Pier and beaches. Several nearby bars, restaurants, grocery stores, liquor & wine shops and pharmacies. I highly recommend this area for cruisers because it is lively, fun, affordable and you do not need a car to get around!

Cocoa Beach Pier Hotels
Cocoa Beach Pier Hotels (click to enlarge)

The Ron Jon Surf shop cluster – 10 hotels within the vicinity of the famous shop and surrounding beaches and businesses. This area has many restaurants, bars, beach rental shops and more. The popular Shepard Park beach area is at the center of this cluster. Another recommended area for cruisers.

Ron Jon Hotel Cluster Map
Ron Jon Hotel Cluster Map
Westgate Hotel Cluster Map
Westgate Hotel Cluster Map

The South Cocoa Beach cluster – 5 hotels are spread out along A1A south of the Ron Jon area about 5-7 miles from the cruise terminals.  Perfect for cruisers who prefer quiet beach hotels before their cruise. There are fewer shops in this area and the restaurants are further apart – you need transportation to get around comfortably. The popular Coconuts-on-the-Beach bar/restaurant is further south in this area!

International Palms Hotel Cluster Map
International Palms Hotel Cluster Map


Cape Canaveral Hotels

Closest to the Port about 2.5 miles away, this five Port Canaveral hotels remain the most popular for cruisers. A taxi to the port will cost about $15 plus tip.

These are transient hotels. Large groups of cruisers arrive almost every day of the week and stay just one night. Expect long lines at the front desk at check-in and especially during check out and while waiting for port shuttles. Breakfast is always a bit of a zoo and the pool/recreation areas will be loud and active!

Alphabetical List of Cape Canaveral Hotels – click on each for descriptions, photos, videos, reviews and more!

Cape Canaveral Hotels
Cape Canaveral Hotels (CLICK TO SEE A LARGER IMAGE)

There are a few good restaurants and bars in this area but Cape Canaveral is not nearly as bustling as Cocoa Beach.

Cape Canaveral Hotels
Cape Canaveral Hotels (click to enlarge)


Considerations when choosing a Port Canaveral hotel

When booking Fly & Cruise Packages with the cruise lines or agents, many cruisers fly in on the morning of their cruise – a risky choice in my opinion. Flight delays, cancellations, missed connections, delayed luggage – these are common situations to increase stress levels and who needs that before a cruise? It becomes problematic if you land at Orlando after 1:30pm because the last cruise line buses have left and you will need to race to the port (60 minutes by road). Most cruise lines require everyone to be on board at least 90 minutes before departure time (often between 4-6pm at Port Canaveral)!

My recommendation is to arrive at least one night before your cruise, then relax and allow yourself to unwind to “cruise” mode!

The question is – how to choose Port Canaveral hotels? Here are a few considerations:

  • Shared and private shuttles are available from Orlando Airport (and other airports) to Port Canaveral hotels – starting around $35 per person one-way – and some hotels offer Fly, Snooze & Cruise packages with all transportation included.
  • Any hotel in Cocoa Beach or Cape Canaveral will do! They are all between 2 and 7 miles from the cruise terminals! – too far to walk so you will need transportation anyway, but close nonetheless so distance is not a factor when choosing.
  • Port shuttles are available from any Port Canaveral hotel. Some offer packages that include shared return shuttles to/from the Port. Reliable local taxi and private shuttles are available at very affordable rates; often cheaper than the shared hotel packages. It really pays to compare the hotel packages with combinations of lowest rate rooms and private shuttles/taxis.
  • Most of the Port Canaveral Hotels are chain hotels so your loyalty programs are valid for point earnings and redeeming. Motel 6, Hilton, Doubletree, Holiday Inn, Courtyard, Comfort Inn, Residence Inn, Hampton Inn, Days Inn, La Quinta, Homewood, Radisson, Sheraton, Econo Lodge, etc.
  • Be careful of special rates or “Cruise Packages” when booking. Those often are not eligible for standard rooms, Loyalty Points and carry cancellation penalties. Children who would normally share rooms with adults for free, will cost extra. Limited number of free shuttle vouchers – normally two persons only per shuttle per package.
  • Shared shuttles to the Port depart at different times and each hotel is different. Please know the busier cruise hotels offer several shared shuttles daily while others include only one daily departure (normally at 10:30am) as part of an overnight package.
  • Always ask if your hotel offers one of three packages – Fly, Snooze & Cruise (airport shuttle included), Snooze & Cruise (Port shuttle included) or Park & Cruise (hotel parking for the duration of the cruise and shuttle to Port included).

If you book the cheapest room rate (not a package) then budget about $15 each way per family for taxis from Cape Canaveral and $20 each way from Cocoa Beach (tips excluded).

Comparing Port Canaveral Hotels and Package Costs:

If cost is your main consideration then the following comparison may be helpful.

We compared the hotels based on the following criteria:

  1. Bed & Breakfast only (no parking nor shuttles)
  2. Park & Cruise Package (7 night cruise)

Arrive Sunday February 21, 2016 – Depart February 22, 2016

Two adults sharing a King Bed, or two Queen beds
Breakfast included
Tax and Fees included, non-smoking, flexible to cancel and eligible for points

Park & Cruise Package (Room for one night, return shuttle to Port, Hot Breakfast, hotel parking for 7 nights during cruise)

Please note – the rates listed were correct when we checked but may change any time. The table gives a rough idea of rates on a specific date for planning purposes only – every day of the week seems to have different rates and specials. Please create your own table based on your travel dates!

Also note – If you shop around online you may see 25-65% discounts for rooms! While the savings may be huge, there are often restrictions. Your charges may be non-refundable, you won’t be able use or accrue frequent stay points, you cannot book the cheaper rooms, and so on.

Sites like Trivago are great to compare room (not package) rates!

On average there is quite a difference in cost between the more expensive hotels and the budget-minded hotels. Do not look at the Marriott or Hilton if you want to stay as cheap as possible!

Motel 6,$76,N/A
Cocoa Beach Suites, $111, $130
Econo Lodge Cocoa Beach, $123.00, $190.00
International Palms, $127.00, N/A
Comfort Inn & Suites, $134.00, $156.00
La Quinta Inn Cocoa Beach, $144.00, $183.00
Country Inn & Suites, $144.00, $172.00
Days Inn Cocoa Beach, $156.00, $178.00
Homewood Suites, $166.00, $177.00
Holiday Inn Express Cocoa Beach, $181.00, $250.00
Radisson Resort, $188.00, $226.00
Holiday Inn Club, $188.00, N/A
Doubletree Cocoa Beach, $205.00, $233.00
Sheraton Four Points, $206.00, $206.00
Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach, $211.00, $231.00
La Quinta Inn Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, $211.00, N/A
Best Western Cocoa Beach, $212.00, $217.00
Residence Inn, $222.00, $242.00
Hilton Cocoa Beach, $233.00, $255.00
Marriott Courtyard Cocoa Beach, $234.00, $254.00

For a current rate comparison (sorted by costs), here is a look at Trivago’s list:

Port Canaveral Hotels for upscale cruisers

The Port Canaveral area is not known for luxurious lodging! There are no 5-star hotels anywhere near the Port but the following hotels may work for you – consider booking suite and/or oceanfront rooms.

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront : One bedroom Oceanfront Suites or Atlantic Junior Suite rooms! Ocean views! The hotel has a very good restaurant, a nice pool and a lively tiki bar just steps from the beach.
Courtyard by Marriott : One bedroom Executive Suite rooms with balcony. The hotel is not on the beach but you can see a bit of the ocean from the upper-level north-facing rooms.

Homewood Suites by Hilton : The newest hotel and a top choice for more upscale lodging.

Inn at Cocoa Beach : Not a hotel but an Inn. Every room is individually decorated and most have ocean views.

Port Canaveral Hotels for families with teens

Teens do not want to be confined to hotel rooms; they want to explore and they love free WiFi! Fortunately, the Ron Jon area is safe with several beach shops popular with young adults. Ron Jon Surf Shop is very popular but there are a several others nearby as well as a grocery store, pharmacy, restaurants, mini-golf and the beach just a block to the east!

Sheraton Four Points : Great hotel close to the beach across the street from Ron Jon Surf Shop. The pool is small and not very exciting but the aquarium inside the restaurant is fabulous! There is free WiFi throughout the hotel, the lobby has a surf shop complex and a Starbucks!
Quality Inn & Suites : Next to the Sheraton and generally cheaper with a nice pool and snack bar, free WiFi and close to everything mentioned above.
La Quinta Inn & Suites Oceanfront : If your teens love the beach where they can suntan, play volleyball, take surf lessons, do a bit of shopping and enjoy a game room, then book this hotel next to Cocoa Beach Pier! You can watch the kids on the beach from your room or from one of several bars/restaurants on the pier. There is also a very nice pool and free Wifi!

Port Canaveral Hotels for kids who love fun pools

All the cruise hotels have pools. Most are rather boring! Kids want waterfalls and fun layouts while parents enjoy watching them from Tiki Bars or deck chairs!

Radisson Resort at the Port : An old-Florida style hotel and a favorite of cruisers for many years. The pool is great fun and always packed with kids and adults acting like kids! The Tiki bar next to the pool is lively and there is live music on weekends. Tennis courts onsite with mini-golf just a block away.
Holiday Inn Club : The largest and most interesting pool layout of all the hotels complete with a tiki bar, restaurant, kid-playground and mini-golf. Live music on weekends. The north-facing and oceanfront rooms have clear views of the cruise ships near the Port entrance! Note – it is a big resort and the oceanfront areas are some distance from the main building. The hotel offers shuttles to/from the main complex.
International Palms Resort : A bit further south than the other hotels (only 7 miles from the cruise terminals) this affordable resort is very popular with families thanks to the pirate-themed pool, sports courts and beachfront location. They offer poolside snacks and two restaurants/bars!

Port Canaveral Hotels for a quiet/classy stay

Not all cruisers are looking a for a party before sailing or enjoy listening to screaming kids in the pool outside the rooms.

Best Western Cocoa Beach : Ask for the oceanfront block and a top-floor room. You will only hear the seagulls and breaking waves as you peacefully drift away to sleep.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Oceanfront : Ask for the east-facing oceanfront rooms and not the rooms overlooking the pool. Your room will overlook the famous Pier and you may hear Pier music but rarely after 11pm.

Homewood Suites by Hilton : The newest hotel and a top choice for more upscale lodging.

Inn at Cocoa Beach : Not a hotel but an Inn. Every room is individually decorated and most have ocean views.

Port Canaveral Hotels with the best ocean views

For some reason most of the hotels near Port Canaveral do not have ocean views to speak of! Many are located alongside the busy route A1A instead of beach side. Be aware the beach has vegetation-covered dunes to protect against hurricanes and your room has to be on the 3rd-level or higher for views.

Best Western Cocoa Beach : Ask for the oceanfront block and a top-floor room.
La Quinta Inn & Suites Oceanfront : Ask for the east-facing oceanfront top-floor rooms but you also have clear ocean views from the poolside rooms. In fact, the best Pier views are from the upper poolside rooms.
Holiday Inn Club : The main building north-facing and the oceanfront rooms have clear views of the cruise ships near the Port entrance! Note – it is a big resort and the oceanfront areas are some distance from the main building. The hotel offers shuttles to/from the main complex.
Doubletree by Hilton Oceanfront : Most of the rooms have ocean views. Ask for one of the east-facing rooms on a high floor for the widest view.
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront : Many of the south-facing rooms have ocean views. Ask for one of the east-facing rooms on a high floor for the widest view.

International Palms Resort : The one bedroom suites (top floor) and Premium rooms one floor below have very nice views.

Ocean Landings Resort : The C and D blocks have oceanfront views. Choose floors 5, 4 or 3 for the most expansive views.

Inn at Cocoa Beach : Not the usual hotel but an Inn. All the Ocean View rooms offer sea views but ask to be as high as possible for the most expansive vistas.

Port Canaveral Hotels with cruise ship views

There are no hotels directly overlooking the cruise terminals! At best you can watch the ships enter or depart the Port from a distance. You can also see the ships from ocean-front hotels early in the morning and early evening. Then there are glimpses of the ships from hotels in Cape Canaveral but from really far away.

For a list of hotels with the best views, refer to the section about ocean-view hotels above.

The Holiday Inn Club offers by far the best views from its north-facing rooms.

Port Canaveral Hotels near local hot spots to meet people

If you enjoy meeting people then you have several options within safe walking distance of your hotel!

The Cocoa Beach Pier is a local hot spot with 4 restaurant/bars and a continuous stream of visitors. The Rikki Tiki Tavern (currently being renovated) at sunset is particularly good for mingling! Start with drinks at the Boardwalk Bar and keep your receipt. Then walk around Pelicans Restaurant and show your receipt (to avoid paying an entrance fee) on your way to the busy Tavern at the end of the pier.

Preacher Bar in Cape Canaveral is also a great spot for singles next to several hotels.

The Cove at Port Canaveral is probably the best place to meet people with so many restaurants/bars but you need transportation – it is not within safe walking distance of any hotels.

And then there is Coconuts on the Beach – transport definitely needed!

Best Western Cocoa Beach : The pier is just a block away!
La Quinta Inn & Suites Oceanfront : The pier is just around the corner.
Days Inn Cocoa Beach : The pier is just a block away. Ask for the east-facing rooms to get closer and with views of the pier across the parking lot.
Radisson Resort at the Port : An old-Florida style hotel and a favorite of cruisers for many years and busy tiki bar. The hotel is next to Preacher Bar & Grill – a unique and classy hangout in Cape Canaveral with great food and an interesting decor. Always popular with locals and visitors.

Port Canaveral Hotels near the best restaurants

The Port Canaveral area is not known for Michelin restaurants but it has a handful of restaurants that are certainly worth visiting. Fortunately most top restaurants are within walking distance of several hotels!

Radisson Resort at the Port : An old-Florida style hotel and a favorite of cruisers for many years with a busy tiki bar. The hotel is next to Preacher Bar & Grill – a unique and classy hangout in Cape Canaveral with great food and an interesting decor. Kelsey’s is a very popular pizzeria next to Preacher. Zachary’s Restaurant is on the north side of the hotel with excellent Greek and American food. Breakfast is very popular! Across the busy A1A is Thai Thai III serving wonderful sushi and Thai food.
Holiday Inn Express, Best Western Cocoa Beach, La Quinta Oceanfront, Days Inn Cocoa Beach : These hotels are near the Cocoa Beach Pier and a shopping complex surrounded by fine restaurants. Ale House is a sports bar but Coasters across the road is the place to be with plenty of good beer (and wine) on tap. Ohana J’s Steakhouse in the Best Western gets OK reviews. Cocoa Beach Pier has several dining options – all with ocean views! Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse is two blocks away and always busy.
Doubletree by Hilton Oceanfront : Across the road from perhaps the overall top restaurant – Florida Fresh Grill. The 3 Wishes Restaurant inside the hotel is also good.

Port Canaveral Hotels near grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, restaurants

With the strict security measures at airports, cruisers often want to shop for basic necessities such as beauty/health/medicine products before their trip. They also save money when buying wine, etc. locally rather than on-board when allowed.

Holiday Inn Express : Next to Publix grocery, a liquor store and several restaurants. Best Western Cocoa Beach is across the road. Days Inn and La Quinta Oceanfront are just a block or two away.
Sheraton Four Points, Quality Inn & Suites : Across the road from Winn-Dixie grocery and other stores.

When all is said and done, shop around online for the best hotel rates and pick your lodging based on your interests but do not over-analyze your overnight before your cruise! Stay within your budget and pick your hotel based on the criteria discussed above. Then relax and focus on your cruise!

Port Canaveral Hotels near the best swimming beaches

If you like swimming or surfing/paddling and prefer the waves over crowded swimming pools then you came to the right place! The Cocoa Beach area has wonderful beaches – in fact over 72 miles of beach in the County!

However, even when the waves do not look that big, the ocean here is deceiving with dangerous rip currents and the (very) rare shark attack. For these reason I suggest you ALWAYS swim near a lifeguard station. Restrooms are also important as well as beach toy rentals!

There are four year round lifeguard towers near Port Canaveral:

Jetty Park – closest to the cruise ships with restaurant/shop/cafe/rentals/restrooms but the café opening times vary during the year.

Cocoa Beach Pier – the busiest beach with everything you need nearby including bars, restaurants and shops

Shepard Park – the beach of choice for cruise ship shore excursions and always busy. Bars, restaurants, rentals nearby

Lori Wilson Park – fewer people but the furthest away from the port. Restrooms and rentals but no restaurants or bars nearby except at the Hilton and International Palms.

The following hotels are within easy walking distance of the four towers:

Holiday Inn Club : near the Jetty Park tower.
La Quinta Oceanfront, Days Inn Cocoa Beach, Best Western Cocoa Beach : near Cocoa Beach Pier
Sheraton Four Points, Fawlty Towers, Inn at Cocoa Beach : near Shepard Park
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, International Palms Resort : near Lori Wilson Park