Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO at Port Canaveral

Pokemon Port Canaveral
Pokemon in the Milliken’s Reef parking lot – Port Canaveral

Yes we know!  You are excited about your cruise but the kids are thinking about catching Pokemon on the trip!

The cruise terminals at Port Canaveral are not fertile hunting grounds but The Cove is! A very fertile area for catchers! See the map link below for a complete list of gyms and stops.

Port Canaveral

1 – Head over to Milliken’s Reef where you will find a Gym and a nice selections of Pokemon to catch.

2 – Then keep catching them (several water types are showing up) as you walk towards Grills past Rusty’s and Fishlips!

3 – You will encounter 8 PokeStops (for example, the gator at Fishlips and Sunrise Marina) in the area as well as another Gym at the Smokehouse. You will notice plenty of lure and incense activity going on around Rusty’s and Fishlips!

4 – Starting at the Exploration Center (a PokeStop), you can head west to find 4 more PokeStops and 2 Gyms at the SpaceX office on the north side of the Port.

One can easily spend an entertaining hour in the area if you are a serious trainer! If you are hatching eggs, the 2k and 5k types are quickly done by walking back-and-forth between Millikens and Grills. There is so many Pokemon here you want to use a Lucky Egg and get double XP for 30 minutes to gain levels fast! Also use Incense and Lures.

The hotels at Cape Canaveral are not Pokemon friendly yet. There are at least 2 Gyms in the area (both at car wash establishments) but catching Pokemon is a boring exercise at this time and it requires a lot of walking.

Cocoa Beach

As you can see in the map above there are a few fertile areas to explore if you visit the Cocoa Beach area.

The Cocoa Beach Pier area has only a few gyms and stops so you have to walk quite a bit to find others nearby.

A much better bet is to head down to the Ron Jon Surf Shop area. There you will find enough stops and gyms to keep you busy for a long time!

The Lori Wilson Park vicinity also has several stops and gyms.

For the most part, most Pokemon Go activity happens along busy A1A. If you walk both sides of the road between Cape Canaveral and the International Palms Resort, as well as hang out at the Port itself, you can easily register 50 or more different types of Pokemon in a couple of weeks and easily reach level 15 or so with a bit of persistence.

If you walk along the beach between Jetty Park and International Palms you will catch much Pokemon too! Many are the water-type, so if you live inland this could be a big treat!