Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral

Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral

Homewood Suites Cape Canaverall
Homewood Suites – Cape Canaveral (click to enlarge)

Introduction to the Homewood Suites

If you are interested in the Homewood Suites, check rates, view our own maps, pictures and videos, enjoy our own unbiased comments and read Tripadvisor reviews.

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Hotel Website


One of the closest hotels to Port Canaveral. Within walking distance (0.9 miles) of The Cove Restaurants at the Port but walking after dark is discouraged. See green paved trail on map below.

Homewood Suites Walk to Port
Homewood Suites Walk to Port (click to enlarge)

Five very good restaurants are about 0.5 miles from the hotel – safe and easy walking but be careful when crossing A1A. Preacher Bar is an interesting concept – classy yet eccentric with a different kind of menu! Kelsey’s serves popular Italian food. Zachary’s is Greek with a home-style menu. Thai Thai has the best Thai food in the area. Zarrella’s Pizza offers both Brick Oven and Wood Fire pizza as well as other Italian food. There are also McDonalds (MD), Burger King (BK) and Subway (SW) nearby. The Florida Beer Company is THE brewery in the area with tours and a wide selection of beer on tap. Racetrac sells affordable gas/diesel as well as wine, beer and fast food.

You can also rent a car from Hertz or take the local bus ($1.50) down to Cocoa Beach Pier and beyond – wait at the SCAT stop.

The mini golf is the cheapest of the three courses in the area but not the most exciting!

Cape Canaveral Hotels
Cape Canaveral Hotels (click to enlarge)

Port Shuttles – Yes

Included in Park, Stay and Go packages for up to 2 persons. Additional shuttle vouchers cost $10 roundtrip ($5 each way) per person. Departures at 9:45am, 10:30am and 11:15am but flexible to accommodate guest needs.

Homewood Suites Shuttle to Port Canaveral
Homewood Suites Shuttle to Port Canaveral (click to enlarge)

Onsite parking – Yes

Hotel parking included in Park, Stay and Go packages for up to 7 nights. Otherwise $6 a night.


Homewood Suites Parking Lot
Homewood Suites Parking Lot (click to enlarge)

Restaurants and Bars

Complimentary evening (Mon thru Thu) social from 5:30pm to 7:30pm with drinks and snack food. A small and somewhat uninteresting bar at the pool is open during busy times.


The Studio Suites and One-bedroom Suites can sleep up to 6 (2 on the queen pull-out sofa, 2 on the queen bed and 2 on the queen bed).

Cruise ship views from the higher floors (6th is best), odd-numbered rooms face the pool and Port area.

Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral – pool and bar area (click to enlarge)


Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral – cruise ship views (click to enlarge)


Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral Cruise Ship Views (click to enlarge)


Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Studio Suite – Cape Canaveral – sleeps 6 (click to enlarge)


Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral (click to enlarge)


Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral
Homewood Suites Cape Canaveral – pick odd-numbered rooms for cruise ship/pool views. (click to enlarge)

Pool Area

The large pool is attractive with a sloped entry much like a beach! The small tiki bar is a bit disappointing and just a pool area drink station at best.







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