Four Points By Sheraton Cocoa Beach

Sheraton - Front View
Sheraton – Front View (click to enlarge)

Introduction to Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton is a popular hotel near Ron Jon Surf shop in Cocoa Beach.

Sheraton - Parking Garage and Hotel
Sheraton – Parking Garage and Hotel
Sheraton - Reception
Sheraton – Reception (click to enlarge)

Hotel Rates

Hotel Website


The Four Points Sheraton is off A1A in Cocoa Beach about 5.3 miles from the cruise terminals. The location is in a very popular area of Cocoa Beach within everything nearby – restaurants, bars, grocery stores, shops and the beach just a block to the east. You can easily walk to all the places of interest to you.

Ron Jon Surf Shop is the biggest attraction nearby but folks also love the various beachwear shops, minigolf across the street and Sandbar Sports Grill about 4 blocks north for great food and music. Brano’s is the perhaps the most consistently best restaurant nearby but there are plenty of other excellent choices including the Shark Pit Grill inside the hotel!

Sheraton Location
Sheraton Location (click to enlarge)

Please look at our real-time map to see what is nearby –

Port Shuttle – Yes

Included in Park and Cruise Packages for up to 4 persons. Departure times are 10:15am, 11:15am and 12:15pm.

You can also book a Fly, Ride and Stay Package to include a shuttle from/to Orlando Airport.

Sheraton - Shuttle Van
Sheraton – Shuttle Van (click to enlarge)

Onsite Parking – Yes

Hotel parking included in Park and Cruise packages in a covered parking garage. Regular guests pay $6 per night for parking.

Sheraton - Parking Garage
Sheraton – Parking Garage (click to enlarge)

Restaurants and Bars

With so many restaurants and bars nearby, it is perhaps surprising to know that the Shark Pit Bar & Grill on the ground floor is quite popular even with locals! The main attraction is an actual shark tank where you can watch them getting fed on Saturdays!

Sheraton - Shark Pit Bar and Grill
Sheraton – Shark Pit Bar and Grill (click to enlarge)
Sheraton - Shark Pit Bar and Grill
Sheraton – Shark Pit Bar and Grill (click to enlarge)
Sheraton - Shark Tank
Sheraton – Shark Tank
Sheraton - Shark Pit Bar and Grill
Sheraton – Shark Pit Bar and Grill (click to enlarge)
Sheraton - Starbucks
Sheraton – Starbucks (click to enlarge)


A unique feature of the Sheraton is that many rooms face inwards – overlooking the surf shop and restaurant areas! This means many rooms do not get natural light – much like the inside cabins on a cruise ship! This is not for everyone so please ask for outside rooms if you want.

The outside rooms do not have balconies and the views are of the hotel across the street.

For inside view rooms – choose odd numbers (e.g. 405). For outside view rooms – choose even numbers (e.g. 406).

The 5th floor is the top floor with room 500 closest to the parking garage and rooms 515 or 518 closest to A1A.

All rooms have a microwave and fridge. There are two types of rooms:

  • Traditional Guest Rooms – Two Queen Beds. Sleeps 4 or One King Bed. Sleeps 2
  • Junior Suite Rooms – A separate lounge with a partial privacy wall. Two Queen Beds and a Queen Sofa Bed. These rooms are slightly larger and have inside views. Sleeps 6
Sheraton - Shark Tank With Overlooking Rooms
Sheraton – Shark Tank With Overlooking Rooms (click to enlarge)
Sheraton - Room Views
Sheraton – Rooms Overlooking the Shops and Restaurant (click to enlarge)
Sheraton - Rooms with Windows
Sheraton – Rooms with Windows
Sheraton - View from Rooms with Windows
Sheraton – View from Rooms with Windows (click to enlarge)


It needs to be said – the Sheraton pool is the least attractive and most uninteresting of all the hotels in the area! It is basically a part of the parking garage so you may want to swim in the ocean a few blocks away!

Sheraton - Pool
Sheraton – Pool (click to enlarge)

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