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Top 20 Cruise Packing Essentials and Gifts – 2019

How do you top the excitement of going on a cruise?

By Going  Shopping for Your Cruise!

Buy the right gear, pack smart and be prepared for the unexpected!

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Rules and Limits

Before we dive into this list, please know that cruise lines have different rules especially for electronics. A selfie-drone, for example, may be the perfect gift especially for teenagers but drone usage is highly managed by ports, countries and the cruise lines. Even a simple device such as a walkie-talkie has guidelines for usage!

There are also luggage limits!  You do not want to burden yourself with heavy and bulky stuff! A portable beach cabana may be a practical essential at home but not for cruising.

The items listed here are safe and easy to carry – as far as we know!

The Top 20 Essential Cruise Packing and Gift List for 2019 (in no particular order)

Here we go! Please email us your ideas if you get a chance. We update this list at least twice a year.

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1 – A large sandfree beach blanket!

We prefer the softer ones with water-repellent material. It must look good, be light-weight, have pockets to fill with sand to prevent it from taking off, and it must pack small!

2 – A Full-Face Snorkeling Mask with Integrated Camera Mount

It is easier to snorkel when one can breathe through your mouth or nose and have a 180-degree panoramic view. The snorkel must be easy to adjust, be water-tight with a drain-valve and designed to be fog-free. Nowadays we travel with action cameras and a built-in GoPro type mount is necessary.

3 – An Affordable Waterproof Action camera Compatible with GoPro Mounts

This item should fit the snorkeling mask listed above. We want 4K video, an ultra wide-angle lens, minimum 16M photos and at least 3 hours of battery life. Our budget is $60 at most so the kids can lose it without breaking the bank!

4 – An Elegant, Waterproof Family Passport Wallet with other pockets

A wallet that holds 4 passports, several credit cards (with RFID protection), a bit of money and even a smart phone!  It comes in various colors and is made from durable materials.

5 – Funny World Men’s Captain Costume T-Shirt (many sizes)

Show your humorous side in this rather authentic looking t-shirt!

6 – Cruise Ship Port Hole Peel ‘N Place

The perfect gift to bring a smile to inside cabin guests! You can also place this outside on your cabin door to make finding your cabin easier!

7 – Walkie-Talkies for kids and the whole family

Cruise ships are getting larger and families find it challenging to keep track of each other. Cell phone usage is expensive on a cruise and you probably do not want your younger kids to have phones anyway (they lose them). Cruise lines have range limits for these devices so you need a low range device with rechargeable batteries (all of these are heavy on batteries) and a child-friendly interface.

8 – Loritta Women Beach Cover

We are looking for soft, elegant and comfortable cover dresses in bright sexy colors.

9 – Cruise Tag Holders for most Cruise Lines

For our luggage we want strong holders with zip-top seals that are large enough to hold most eTags. The loops and straps must be heavy duty to prevent detaching from the luggage.

10 – Cruise Lanyard and Card Holder

A cruise design is what we prefer with a retractable ID Holder reel for flexibility.

11 – Big Colorful Beach Towel Clips

Are you tired of your beach towel always sliding down on your deck chair, or blowing down to the dirty deck in the wind? Do you sometimes walk back from the pool and wonder if you settled in the right chair? These towel clips are very versatile and handy on a cruise especially when you have a balcony cabin and need to secure things while under way.

12 – Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief 

Motion sickness can strike even the hardened cruiser. Sometimes your body is a bit off and boom! Motion sickness can really ruin a cruise so go prepared with a proven product!

13 – Waterproof Dry Bags

We want a versatile set of dry bags that can be used in various conditions and on different adventures during our cruise. Whether it is snorkeling with our cell phones at hand or white water rafting with a set of dry clothes and our wallets, we need a product that won’t fail us.

14 – Carryall Mesh Family Beach Bag

We like a large bright bag with many zippered (some waterproof) pockets, a strong mesh and mildew-resistance material.

15 – A Waterproof Point-and-Click camera that shoots RAW images

At some point we discover our smart phones are not the best option for taking stunning pictures. Under water is one example but also while on an adventure trip or just taking pictures on the ship when it rains. We need a small yet serious affordable waterproof camera that will grow with us as our photography skills improve.

16 – Norovirus Disinfectant Wipes

Kills Norovirus, Rotavirus, HIV, TB and others. Do not take the whole container. Pack 20 or so wipes in a ziplock bag and wipe your cabin after moving in. Apply with plastic gloves so also pack some gloves!

17 – Sani-Hands Sanitizing Wipes

To carry everywhere you go!

18 – Toiletry Kit Bag

It can fit everything you need and then some! And it folds flat. Comes with a hook and mirror and different colors!

19 – Packing Cubes

All the cruising rage right now! A wonderful way to organize you stuff! You can get different colors for different items or for each family member! Start with the medium size and perhaps a few smaller ones for undies and if you have young children.

20 – Multi-Port USB Wall Charger

You will need to charge many USB devices fast and at the same time! It is nice to have a 4-feet power cable that reaches everywhere.