FREE Cruise Parking at Port Canaveral

La Quinta Beach Shuttle

In this article I explain how you can park for FREE during your cruise from Port Canaveral!

With ship-side parking at the cruise terminals costing $17 per day (including the days of arrival and departure), many folks are looking for budget-friendly parking near the Port. In another article I talk about the CHEAPEST off-site parking near Port Canaveral (Read Here), but FREE parking is even better!

Can I just park in the streets near Port Canaveral?

I know some cruisers try to avoid paying for parking by leaving their vehicles in the parking area near the restaurants close to Terminal 1, but this is a bad idea! The police and port security look for unoccupied vehicles and you will be ticketed! Please forget about trying to avoid the inevitable!

OK, IS FREE parking really available?


Several Cocoa Beach offer FREE parking when you book a Snooze and Cruise package!

I know what you’re thinking – the parking is not really free; the hotel simply charges more for the room to recover the parking costs! Actually – not true!

When you price the room and compare the regular rates versus the package rate, you may notice a very small difference in price ($20-$40 or thereabouts). The difference is the cost of the two-way transfers from the hotel to the cruise terminal and back (normally for 2 people).

What is the average cost of transfers to and from Port Canaveral?

On average, shared hotel transfers cost between $5 and $10 per person each way. That’s not too bad for 1 or 2 people. For 3 or more people it makes sense to look at Uber or Lyft.

Transfer costs are shown in this table:

Port Canaveral - Park - Snooze - Cruise Packages
Port Canaveral – Park – Snooze – Cruise Packages

OK, where’s the catch?

No catch, but there are several things to consider.

  • If you plan to drive in on the morning of your cruise then my FREE parking suggestion is not an option. When arriving from far away, consider spending the night before your cruise in Cocoa Beach instead of towns along your route!
  • You must use the shared hotel shuttles meaning you have fixed departure times and the transfer is NOT PRIVATE! The shuttle van may stop at a few terminals before your drop off.
  • Some homework is required! You have to calculate and compare the cost of the Park, Snooze and Cruise packages versus the regular room rates. Then subtract the cost of the two-way transfers to see if your parking is FREE!
  • Pick your hotel carefully! Only the hotels listed currently offer FREE parking and some dates may be unavailable.
  • Hotel parking is not as secure as parking at the Port or at gated off-site parking lots.

The hotels with FREE cruise parking (at the time of this writing!)

Parking at Port Canaveral for Cruise – Royal Caribbean

Port Canaveral Parking

Here are your options for Parking at Port Canaveral for your Royal Caribbean Cruise!

  • Park at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal
  • Park at an off-site lot near Port Canaveral and use their shuttle
  • Park at your hotel
  • Do not drive and park – book a one-way rental car

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships Sailing from Port Canaveral

  • Mariner of the Seas
  • Harmony of the Seas

Park at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Terminal at Port Canaveral

Royal Caribbean cruise ships normally dock at cruise terminal B-1, located on the South side of the Port.

Port Canaveral Terminals
Port Canaveral Terminals – Royal Caribbean is at Terminal B-1
Port Canaveral Terminal B-1
Royal Caribbean at Port Canaveral Terminal B-1

Here are some notes to help you navigate Terminal B-1.

  • You enter and exit the terminal on ground level. No outside ramps.
  • The parking garage is NOT connected to the cruise terminal. It is a very short walk (covered) from the garage.
  • When you enter the garage to park, you pay at the machines (attendants available).
Terminal 1-parking plan
Royal Caribbean – Port Canaveral Terminal B-1-parking plan

You drive up and into the garage drop off area and drop your luggage in front of the entrance (you hand your luggage to handlers). Then you drive out and back into the garage – this time to the first level where you pay at the entrance (attendants are available to assist you). You continue to drive higher until you find a place to park.

You then take the stairs or elevator down to the terminal entrance (where you dropped your luggage) and enter the main building where you clear security, etc.

In the meantime, the luggage handlers will have placed your luggage onto the conveyor from where it travels to the ship via x-ray security.

Parking Rates 

Parking is $17.00 per day (Vehicles & RVs), including day of arrival and day of departure. 

Cruise Duration                 
3 day cruise (3 nights/4 days)                  $ 68 USD
4 day cruise (4 nights/5 days)                  $ 85 USD
7 day cruise (7 nights/8 days)                  $136 USD

*Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the Canaveral Port Authority at 321-783-7831 for the latest information.

Acceptable Payment Methods

American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards

Disabled Parking

DISABLED PARKING spaces are available, and the fee is waived for vehicles transporting certain persons who have disabilities and ONE of these:

  • Have special equipment, such as ramps, lifts, foot or hand controls for use by a disabled person 
  • Display a Florida Toll Exemption Permit as explained in s. 316.1964, Florida Statutes
  • Display a Florida Disabled Veteran (DV) license plate issued under s. 320.084; s. 320.0842; or s. 320.0845, Florida Statutes.

Parking agents will not grant parking waivers for any other reason than the ones listed above. 

Directions to Royal Caribbean at Terminal B-1

Please read our Orientation Page with clear Google Maps.

Park at an Off-Site Lot near Port Canaveral and use their Shuttle

To save money when parking during your Royal Caribbean cruise, there are seven off-site parking lots to choose from.

Imagine paying as little as $40 for a 7 night cruise versus $136!

Here is a comparison of the off-site parking lots. Note the rate comparison for a 7 night Royal Caribbean Cruise:

Off-site Cruise Parking Port Canaveral
Off-site Cruise Parking near Port Canaveral for Royal Caribbean Cruises (Click to Enlarge)

For more information please read Parking at Port Canaveral.

Park at your hotel

Most hotels in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach offer Park & Cruise packages (port shuttles included) for Royal Caribbean cruises.

Please read our Hotel Section for more information.

Do not drive and park – book a one-way rental car

Depending on where you are driving from, it may cost less to simply rent a car then drop it before cruising! At the end of your cruise, you book another one-way vehicle back home!

Here are the car rental agencies near Port Canaveral with FREE shuttles to/from the Royal Caribbean cruise terminal.

Car Rentals Port Canaveral
Car Rentals Agencies near Port Canaveral with FREE shuttles to Royal Caribbean (Click to Enlarge)

For more information, please read Car Rental at Port Canaveral.

Cheapest Cruise Parking – Port Canaveral – 2020

Cheapest Parking Near Port Canaveral

Cheapest Cruise Parking near Port Canaveral in 2020

Are you looking for the cheapest cruise parking near Port Canaveral in 2020?

Consider a 7-night cruise for two people

The very convenient ship-side parking garages at Port Canaveral will cost you $17 x 8 days = $136.

Fortunately you can save money by parking off-site or even at your hotel if the Snooze and Cruise Package is any good!

Unfortunately, the savings are often not that great because some off-site lots are not cheap. Expect to pay between $90 and $95 at the most popular lots. You can read more on our dedicated page for Port Canaveral Parking.

Are there cheaper parking options?

Yes! But where to park depends on the number of people in your party.

With two people you pay only $40 at GoPort

What is the catch?

None when only 2 people! You park in their lot, lock your car, hop on their shuttle and arrive at your ship!

Sure, if you are driving north from the Port then you will be going the wrong way for 6 miles (since the lot is on A1A in Cocoa Beach) but this is just a minor inconvenience.

When more than 2 people you have to compare costs more carefully because you pay per person and not per car at this lot.

Where is this lot?

Under 6 miles from Port Canaveral and less than 15 minutes by shuttle.

Please find the location on our Port Canaveral Map.

Do I keep my car keys?


Is the parking secure?

The lot is not fenced but there are security cameras from the nearby hotel

How often does the shuttle run to the Port and Back?

You pick one of 3 departure times from the lot during booking. The return shuttles will be waiting when you disembark and run until all passengers have retrieved their vehicles.


Do I need to Book or can I just Show Up?

The lot is not large and does fill up so we recommend you book online as early as you can and pick a shuttle time.

We have 6 guests in one car. Will I pay more?

Yes, it will cost $65. You pay for the number of people and not the number of days. You may want to look at other options on our page – Port Canaveral Parking.

Off-site Cruise Parking Port Canaveral
Off-site Cruise Parking Port Canaveral